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New Motor Installation Services

If you want to get everything right as far as new motor fitting is concerned, always ensure that you are dealing experts in the field. College Point garage door repair NY has specialists in motor repairs and replacement. One of the common mistakes the residents make is to try fixing motor issues just because they saw someone do it before. If you are not trained and got hand on experience, it is always advisable to the qualified experts do it. The price you will pay is negligible compared to the expenses you will incur in case you damage the motor or the door more when handling it without the necessary expertise. Our mechanics have been taught and certified to handle all types of motors in the market today. The motor has two parts and could be only one part of the motor is fault. It takes experience to dismantle the motor, test it and repair it. If the motor is damaged beyond repair then our experts will use their best tools to remove the damaged motor safely and replace it with a new one. If not detected early enough a faulty motor may lead to serious problems which can only be solved through new door installation. Contact us and we will direct our ever ready technicians to come and quickly sort you out. It matters not where you’re location in this city or what your issues is or even the time you are calling us.

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