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If you are looking for garage door reparation in College Point you may land in hands of a Jack of all trades”. Someone who claims who claims to know much about garage door maintenances but in real sense they have no idea about it. To avoid falling in such frustrating and unprofessional service providers, you need to ask around from friends and relative to know the best, trusted and proven service provider in the industry. Garage door renovation problems are very technical and must be handled by well trained and experienced professionals at all times. Garage Door Repair College Point has the competence, skills and right experience to handle all your garage door problems. It does not matter what your garage door issue are or where you are located. Our ever dedicated technicians will join you wherever you are at the time of your need and provide a durable solution to your issues. We are available on 24*7 basis and we will never let you down. At College Point door repair we believe in immediate response and solving the problem and preventing future occurrence. Most of the College Point residents believe in us because of our constant quality of service, reliability and efficiency.

It is always important to fix any kind of problems related to your garage doors immediately you notice a malfunction. Handling garage door issue once you suspect them will help you prevent more damage and save on future expenses. We have the latest technology and the best tools to help you inspect and identify problems at an early stage and counter it before it magnifies. Do not call when it is too late as this may cost you more and if the damage is big, a new door installation may be the only workable solutions. “A stich in time will save you nine.” In the recent past, new technology and modern techniques have been largely employed in designing a manufacturing of garage door and garage door accessories and only technicians who have been trained in these technology and techniques can handle your garage door overhaul requirements effectively and with ease. We ensure that all our College Point Garage Door Repair professional technicians have been trained using the latest technology to enhance their effectiveness. On top of this with organize regular training sessions for the technicians to equip them with emerging innovations and technology. To effectively achieve this we have partnered with prominent garage door manufacturers and we send our technicians to the in the manufacturing firms whenever a new product is being developed. We do all this to ensure that the technicians are conversant with any technology they come across when serving you. On top of the training and being equipped with the best tools, our technicians are dedicated in serving your and they are ever passionate about their job. They give their all to ensure that your garage door patching-up problems have been successfully addressed.

College Point Garage Door Repair Services Includes:

We offer all types of garage door services from repair, part replacement to new door installation. We are specialists in:

  • Maintenance- This involves lubrication of moving parts of the garage door like the hinges, rollers, motor and springs. This also involves tightening of any loose bolt or screw.
  • Inspection services- We inspect the functionality of every part of the door to ensure that they are operating correctly. This involves check for broken springs, checking the spring balance, hinges, motor among other door parts.
  • Faulty spring services- If the spiral spring is broken or has any defect, our experts will replace or repair it for you. We also offer spring balancing and rebalancing service by adjusting the spring accordingly.
  • Door opener service- The door opener hosts the motor. Such services involve pressure adjustment and lubrication of the chain, gear or the sprocket. They also involve alignment of the opener electronic sensors (eyes).
  • Motor repair and replacement- If the part or the whole motor non-operational, we repair it and if repair cannot help we replace the motor.
  • Restoration and replacement of drums, rollers among other parts of the garage door.
  • New door installation- If your door is old or you are fitting a fresh door for your garage, we are the experts to handle this.

We always maintain great quality and classy service while our charges are relatively low. If you want to get more than the worth of your money, let Garage Door Repair College Point handle all your repair and installation tasks. We are the best and the people’s choice all because of our reliable and durable solutions we provide to clients.

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